Christopher Gasparian

Christopher Gasparian was born in New York, of Armenian descent, and has been painting and drawing all of his life. He attended Lehigh University, in Pennsylvania USA, and in May 2004 earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering with Highest Honors. After a brief career in the Construction Industry, Chris left for Armenia, in April 2008, as a volunteer in the Armenia Volunteer Corps; Birthright Armenia. After three months of volunteer service Chris began studying at the Armenian Open University Fine Arts Department of the National Center of Aesthetics. His time in Armenia allowed him an opportunity to focus on creative interests. Within seven months, from July 2008 to February 2009, he earned a Certificate of Education as a Sculptor and returned to New York.

When Chris first began sculpting at the Armenian Open University Fine Arts Department, he immediately felt a greater sense of freedom when working in three dimensions. One changing variable was the choice of construction material, beginning with the first sculpture, made of clay, and ending with the last sculpture, made of metal. The experimentation with materials began unintentionally after the need to construct a composition with proper structural support, and continued with the development of a technique that used application of material in parallel with composition. He prefers working with metal due to its strength, resilience and emotional effect especially when combined with plaster.