Armen Vahramyan

Armen Vahramyan represents a new generation of Armenian painters. This unique generation has been brought up under circumstances of Communist regime, the 1988 earthquake and hardships during the Transition Period. These circumstances have dramatically affected these talented artists’ work, their spiritual life and the prosperity of their societies.


Armen was born in the beautiful village of Ardvi, Armenia. Its’ rich and contradictory nature became the themes of the young artist’s first paintings during his study at the Secondary School of Fine Arts. In 1985, he entered the Professional School of Arts in Yerevan, Armenia. This experience opened him to the world of old Armenian manuscripts.


During his years of study, he drew inspiration from medieval Armenian art and created a number of works at that time. He was also a successful scholar at the Yerevan State Institute of Fine Arts. Armen’s paintings found their unique place in contemporary art. His art is based on the ancient traditions of Armenian art using specific techniques of the graphic arts.


Armen has exhibited in cities around the world including Yerevan, Moscow, Barcelona, Melbourne, New York, Toronto, Amsterdam and Stockholm.