Armenian artist Aghassi (Boghos Taslakian) was born in Lebanon in 1964. He began painting and sculpting at the age of eleven, but did not receive formal training in fine arts until 1981, when he continued his studies in painting at the “Art Academy of Armenia”.

In 1986, following a brief stay in Lebanon, Aghassi continued his artistic education at the “Academia di Belle Art di Venezia” in Italy. Until 1996, Aghassi has showcased most of his works in Armenia and Italy, taking part in the “Mostra di Artigianato Artistico del Littorale” Cavalino –Venezio, and in an exhibition at the” Mourad Raphaelian” college of the Mekhitarian congregation in Venice.

Upon his return to Lebanon in 1996, he joined the collective exhibition at “Artuel 2000″ Beirut –Hall, “Artuel 2001″ Phoenicia /Intercontinental Beirut, Euroart 2001 Spain, Europ’Art 2002 Geneva, and “Noah’s Ark” art gallery.