Hagop Hagopian

Hagop Hagopian was born in Alexandria, Egypt on May 16, 1923 to an Armenian Family.
Around the end of the second world war, Hagop settled in Cairo. He worked as a designer and attended open classes at Cairo Academy of Arts but didn’t concentrate on making a career out of painting.
After 1945, Hagopian began to gain attention from cultural circles in Egypt after some commissioned work and group exhibitions in Cairo, as well as winning prizes at the Bucharest International Festival.
In 1952 Hagopian left for Paris to attend Académie de la Grande Chaumière in Paris. He took courses at Andre L’Hote’s studio and attended a studio taught by Edouard George.
In 1954, Hagop returned to his family in Egypt and continued working as a designer. Hagop was slowly trying to find his inner sense as an artist and develop his own style and vision. Sometime around 1957, he finally felt as though he discovered himself, proving to be a turning point in his artistic career.
In 1962, Hagop emigrated to Armenia with his wife and 2 children.
It is in Armenia that he started painting landscapes that offered an entirely different view of Armenian landscape; the landscape that truly exists and was never painted before.